Thursday, January 9, 2014


Things have changed since my last blog post. I changed my reading date again, so didn't have to miss any school work. I changed my date to bring your kid to work day. I changed it to that date because I will be at work with my mom for half of the day anyway. I'm going to have to change some of my ideas for what book I read, but I'm going to try and keep it just as fun. I have the whole morning to read to the kid just in case the teacher is running late. I go with my dad for the other half of the day so I can't stay with them for to long. I'm hoping I can still give the kids the same effect I wanted to give earlier on in this project.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

To Help Others and My Update

The information I've found has benefited me in a huge way. Information I found can help others with the same passion as I have. I have found that there are many other occupations that are good to fulfill this kind of passion. I choose principal and pediatrician because that's what I prefer. If a person with my same passion would also prefer theses  occupations, then I found information that could help them. I found that both jobs can make over 100,000 dollars a year. I also found the amount of time they'd have to be in college. To become a pediatrician takes around 8 years of college, while being a principal needs at least a masters degree.
I also have an update for my project. I'm going to read to the children at the their school next week.I'm hoping to read a holiday book to the kids. I'm hoping to reach my goals and make the kids not only happy but also teach them that reading is fun.

Professional Opportunities

I have a passion for children and making sure they can achieve the best and be the best person they can possibly be. With my passion jobs I could pursue can be a principal or a pediatrician. These two occupations deal with children and preparing them for their future. One helps them with their knowledge and the other with their health. I don't exactly like that to be a pediatrician you have to be in college  for a longer period of time. I mostly don't like that because I would like to get working faster. I do like that a principal gets to help and benefit a lot of children. A principal may not always be able to help one on one they still benefit a plethora of kids. A downfall to being in either occupation is that they both work year round. Not as many breaks as another occupation like being a teacher but, it would be worth it if I helped out children.

The Most Valuable Lesson

The most valuable lesson learned from 20 time this far is that life and the real world world is not as eady as I've expected it to be. I've realized that talking to an authority is a lot harder and a lot more prefessional than I'd thought before.An authority is not like speaking to your best friend, it's way more professional. In the real world people don't all have your schedule so you have to work with what you have. Learning both of these really did show me that the real world is not easy. This altogether was the most valuable thing I could take from this project. Now I realize that not everything will come easy instead of having to learn that later in life. I'm hoping to use what I've learned to help throughout high school, college, and in life in general.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Talking To My Authority

When I talked to my mother she said she has to what teachers have time for me in their classroom. I thought the teacher response would almost be instantly. But I was wrong it took them a while to actually respond. It amazed me that even little kindergarten teachers were busy! Some of teachers said its an wonderful idea. They just might not be able to have me in until around Christmas time. This kind of pushed me back but also pushed me forward. Now I can read them holiday books, for Christmas , Hanukkah, and Kwanza. I can read them those while making it fun.
From this part of the project I learned that not everyone is on your exact schedule. You can't just expect to have everything perfect, some people won't respond right away. I actually just got lucky that it's going to help what I'm doing.


I have changed my project because, even though helping young girls with gymnastics would be nice. I also have a very big passion for reading to young kids. I like to read to kids who can't read yet. So now I am going to read to some classrooms during their reading time.
So now I must talk to my mother because she is the teacher on special assignment- like the assistant principal- at Ferguson a K-8 building. I have to ask my mother if it's acceptable to read to some kindergartners. My mother is important to talk to because she knows the rules and if it's ok.

Friday, October 25, 2013


I have done gymnastics since I was 1 ( I started in Mommy and me classes.) Now I'm 14 years old in level 8. Gymnastics has shaped me to be the person I am today. Gymnastics taught me to not only be a gymnast and flip but what it's like being a person.
I thought it would be good to help younger girls. Especially girls who can't pay full price for gymnastics lessons. My mother teaches classes for less to some little girls. I will go and help these girls during the class and teach them some tricks they haven't learned yet. I will also give them stretching tip for home so they don't get hurt. I think it's good to show them how to keep healthy.